The NEW Norandex eXtreme New Construction Window Line!

At Norandex, we have made our mark with a consuming commitment to quality and service. It is our reputation and burning drive to constantly improve and innovate. That passion inspired the development of our new Norandex eXtremeTM New Construction Series windows. These perfectly designed windows are not only attractive but offer care-free dependability and ease of use. Crafted of superior maintenance-free vinyl, the Norandex eXtremeTM New Construction Series provides energy-efficient performance, durability and a flawless appearance that add to the lasting value of any home.

Building a home is like building a monument, it is a tangible, lasting testament to your craftsmanship, your sweat and reputation. That is how we feel about our New Construction Series of windows. Solid vinyl construction incorporated with fusion-welded frames and sashes provide superior structural integrity and durability. Windows that are manufactured to exact specifications and dimensions for a perfect fit and worry-free reliability. This new construction window line will uphold both of our reputations for years to come, beautifully.