Norandex Vinyl Siding: Easier Installation Saves You Time & Money

Norandex premium vinyl siding products are quality manufactured  and performance engineered to high industry standards. Through the year, Norandex has engineered a number of high-performance product features that pay off in superior weather resistance. And there's even incremental R-value and sound-deadening properties to help insulate the home from any nasty weather or exterior noise. AND, Norandex brand premium vinyl siding features The NailRIGHT siding installation system to make it even easier for you to install the product securely and quickly.

X Marks the Spot!

The new proprietary NailRIGHT siding installation system saves installers time and money while giving today's homeowners peace of mind. Each panel features nail slots marked with an 'X' spread every 8" that helps the contractor ensure that nails are positioned correctly and the panel is securely fastened to the stud. It also helps avoid the possibility of nailing into hazardous items between studs like wiring and plumbing.

Click here for a copy of the NailRIGHT brochure.

Click here for a copy of the NailRIGHT installation instructions in both English and Spanish.

Click here for 2D and 3D CAD drawings for all Norandex branded vinyl siding products.