The Brushstroke Collection

The Norandex Brushstroke Collection features a hand-carved appearance. This distinct design is sure to be the talk of the town!

Early Southern architecture paid great attention to detail. Precise craftsmanship gave homes a certain durability while still retaining an elegant, charming appeal. They had a look and quality that set them apart from other architectural styles. But as the mass production of homes began, many of these early Southern architectural values were lost. 

Cambridge Beaded Premium Vinyl Siding brings together all the elements of early Southern architecture while adding modern technology to ensure the strongest protection and least maintenance of any exterior siding material.

Shenandoah Beaded offers the old world charm of a hand-carved, low-maintenance siding, while Shenandoah Triple 3 provides a traditional look reminiscent of colonial New England. Whether you prefer its narrow-plank look or the hand-carved appearance of beaded cladding, Shenandoah Vinyl Siding provides classic beauty and endless performance.

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